Our Mission & Vision

We love vibrant, colorful and healthy reefs. We love being in the water and exploring the vast world beneath the waves.

Our passion drives us to take action towards improving the reef ecosystem in every way we can. We strive to educate the consumer to make better vacation, product and activity choices. Our goal is to eliminate the direct, negative impact of human action on our reefs. Growing awareness of the threats to the economic and social livelihoods requires action and a unifying group to set us on a sustainable path.


Many of the world’s most popular vacation destinations are also home to important coral reef ecosystems.

These reefs support local economies, provide food, and protect coastlines. In recent decades, many of these destinations have experienced a surge in tourism. The island of Maui, for example, receives as many as 3 million visitors

each year. While tourism dollars are important to coral reef destinations, unsustainable practices such as using toxic sunscreens and walking on corals can severely affect overall reef health. Be Reef Safe partners with destinations worldwide to promote reef friendly practices. By choosing a Reef Safe destination, you can ensure that your consumer choices are making a positive difference for our reefs.

Coral reefs occupy less than 1% of the ocean floor, yet are home to more than 25% of the ocean’s marine life.

What We Do


Coral reefs are important to thousands of different species, from the smallest algae to gargantuan whales. But many coral reefs around the world are facing serious threats, from pollution to over fishing. We all play a critical role in protecting reefs, and luckily it’s easier than ever to Be Reef Safe. There are plenty of ways you can help the reef, even when you aren’t in the water. The following links and pages will help you on your way towards adopting and maintaining a reef-­safe attitude.