Maui has always been a top destination for it’s beautiful beaches, great amenities and incredible natural sites. Molokini Crater, Mount Haleakala, the Road to Hana and of course the living Hawaiian culture. You will feel the aloha visiting this island.



From famed Molokini Crater to sprawling Olowalu Reef, the island of Maui boasts some of the most iconic coral reef ecosystems in Hawaii. Ranked as one of the top islands in the world, Maui annually receives an estimated 3 million visitors, many of whom enjoy snorkeling, diving, and surfing the island’s coral reefs.

Coral reefs are living, breathing organisms that comprise an essential part of Maui’s underwater landscape.


Reefs hold significant environmental, cultural, recreational, and economic value.

They protect Maui’s shorelines from large storms, are responsible for creating the island’s broad sandy beaches, and represent an important local food source. The majority of Maui’s developed reefs can be found along the island’s west and south coasts where extensive coral communities have flourished for thousands of years.

These coral reefs house a myriad of algae, fishes, and invertebrates, in addition to larger animals such as green sea turtles, humpback whales, the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, manta rays, and a variety of shark species. An estimated 25% of the species found on Maui reefs are considered endemic, meaning that they are found nowhere else on Earth.

The importance of Maui’s reefs has been identified across a number of agencies, and in 2011, the Ka‘anapali area of West Maui was designated as a national priority site area by the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force. In recent decades, expanding development, a growing tourism industry, pollution, sedimentation and changing ocean conditions have led to declines in coral cover throughout Maui.

In some places, Maui reefs have experienced a upwards of a 75% decline in coral cover. Many reef areas have been overtaken by invasive algaes that smother the corals, starving them of essential sunlight. To address these issues, Maui has spearheaded a number of conservation programs and efforts designed to minimize human impacts to the reefs.

The West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative, for example, seeks to improve coral health by reducing land-based pollution, while the Hawaii Ecotourism Association works with tour operators to adopt sustainable practices.


builds on this ground work and seeks to promote proper coral reef etiquette throughout the Maui community. We focus on building local partnerships and connecting visitors and residents with tour operators, businesses, educators, and scientists. Learn more about our campaign to designate Molokini Crater as the first Be Reef Safe destination in Hawaii, and connect with local community groups who are making a difference for Maui’s reefs.




Here are some of Be Reef Safe partners on Maui.


A beautiful sandy beach appears because of a coral reef.
This cycle of constant replenishment gives us some of our most treasured coastline environments.



Reef Safe CompaniesActivity
Valley Isle ExcursionsHana Maui Tour - Explore the road to Hana in the most eco-friendly way possible. Hawaii Ecotourism Certified & Green Business Certified they are as serious about the environment and culture as they are in providing a great vacation day.
LeilaniMaui Charter Tours – Providing luxury small group tours. Provides reef-safe options and a low waste trip.
Pride Of MauiMolokini Snorkel Tour – Free reef-safe sunscreen offered to all guests. The largest and busiest boat in Maui for snorkeling.
Hawaiian Paddle SportsPrivate paddle and surf based tours – One of the top eco-friendly companies on Maui. They provide eco-education along with a cultural experience that is hard to beat.
Maui Kayak AdventuresKayaking Tours – Private and group tours that focus on culture environment and ocean awareness.
Redline RaftingKihei Snorkel Tours – Go explore Molokini and South Maui from the easy and convenient Kihei Boat Ramp.
Trilogy ExcursionsSnorkeling Tours – Leading reef cleanups in West Maui.
Atlantis AdventuresUnderwater Maui Tours – Check out the underwater tours of Maui’s reefs and shipwrecks. No sunscreen needed!

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