The Be Reef Safe Approach to Sun Safety

For years we have slathered our bodies in sunscreen without considering how these products may affect our health and our environment.

The good news is that sunscreen manufacturers are increasingly creating products that replace harmful chemicals in favor of naturally-derived ingredients.

Still, it can be difficult to find these brands on store shelves, not to mention that consumers have trouble telling the difference between brands that are really environmentally friendly and those that are just really good at marketing.


Sun Safety

The Be Reef Safe approach to sun safety was created to provide consumers a new way to look at sun safety. It’s a holistic approach, one that considers both lifestyle choices and off-the-shelf products.

We believe that sun protection should be straight forward, not a guessing game.

That’s why we’ve worked to develop guidelines that are simple to understand and easy to adopt. By becoming an informed consumer, you can ensure that you are making choices that protect your family and the environment.

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