Our Goal

Our goal at Be Reef Safe is to effectively communicate the science to the public and, in doing so, help inform local management decisions, support critical reef conservation programs, and develop essential partnerships.

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Be Reef Safe works to support coral reef scientists and provide a public platform by which important scientific findings can be communicated.

We believe that a broad network of scientists and educators is critical to turning the tide for our corals.


We invite you to become a Be Reef Safe partner. If you’re a scientist, let Be Reef Safe help you communicate your findings to the broader public. If you’re an educator, help us develop a global repository for coral reef outreach and educational materials.

To bridge the gap between science and the public, Be Reef Safe also provides direct connections between researchers and educators. Join now to be a part of the ever expanding Be Reef Safe network.

To further enhance coral reef literacy within our communities, Be Reef Safe partners with formal and informal educators – from teachers in the classroom to naturalists in state parks – to develop and distribute coral reef outreach tools and materials.

Be Reef Safe ultimately utilizes this combination of science and education to inspire action on an individual level. We provide the public with the information and background from which to make informed, consumer decisions. Research is also the driving force behind Be Reef Safe standards – from identifying reef friendly suncare products to supporting sustainable tourism practices.

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